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Essence of Life

Florida Keys Community College
5901 College Rd
Key West, FL 33040


Jay Gogin "Essence of Life" Fountain
Dedicated on June 30, 2014


"While it is very rewarding to create and express myself through the medium of clay, it is perhaps even more rewarding to be allowed to share my gift. To see the spark of creativity catch fire in the eyes of a new student is as rewarding as pulling a beautiful ceramic vessel from the ashes of a cooling wood fired kiln." 


Jay Gogin


Florida Keys Community College,
Artist-in-Residence and Ceramics Instructor


Starting with just one ceramics class in 1990, Jay Gogin began his legacy at FKCC. He and the collective talent of his student ceramics club, "Mud-Pi," are responsible for the dozens of intricately-adorned ceramic wall murals, sculptures, and vases that provide FKCC's Key West Campus its signature aesthetic. 


The crown piece, the "Essence of Life" Fountain, located in the heart of the campus, is now dedicated to his memory. It is a symbol of his talent, dedication and indelible impact on the College, its students and the community.

Just past the Essence of Life Fountain is the:




In Japanese culture the Torii Gate is a symbolic link to a higher state or being or knowledge. Torii are borders that keep evil from entering a sacred area. At the same time, their aura cleanses those who visit the area. All are free to contemplate the Torii Gate's serenity and reflect upon self improvement!


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